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Nude Bowling

Posted by crossedoakshaven on September 6, 2015 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)


I came home early this weekend even though we were all having fun.  The Nude bowling was a success and it even spawned off a group dinner for 11 plus baby.  It was more difficult to get away from the pool to draw the crowd we were hoping for since the storms waited until later.

This was our first time having a Saturday bowling and I think all the advertising that the Cove gave us helped a lot in obtaining attendees.  Many people asked what the date will be for our next one.  I was thinking about how our attendance is usually a bit sketchy in January and am considering maybe November or December?  What time of day works better?  When the Cove sponsors it they do it late at night in the middle of the week.  Do you want Friday night?  I could also ask about other times I hope.

I always get energized when we are together as a group at resorts.  

Please join us again for Naturally Fun Times.

Summer has been flying by

Posted by crossedoakshaven on August 26, 2015 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well July was here and gone and we were busy.  Now August is almost gone as well and September promises to be very much the same.

Normally this blog describes all the things that we have done and a look to the future so that folks can keep up with everything going on.  Maybe this one will focus a little more on our concepts and the future events.

Concepts such as the CAN WE ideas.  Our group did very well with attendance to the event we tried to create and also enjoyed the benefits of discounts at Cypress Cove.  The event itself  in no way turned out the way we had hoped.  That being said is why we should talk about the future.

We are hoping that some more brain storms can be made to have a real event or host booths at several events.  The club expended some funding to make cards that we handed out, also some purchases of signs and a cooler as well as water, gator ade and snacks, neck wallets and a charger for using at events.  This money was donated and we pretty much utilized all of it to make our purchases.

We will probably give out more neck wallets at our Nude Bowling September 5.  This is our next event and we are hopeful that it will be bigger and better than ever before with it being afternoon instead of evening.  In keeping with our concept of showing others how much fun being a nudist is everyone should try to bring someone that has never been "exposed" to nudism.

September will bring our Anniversary party on 12th.  This year we will be different and utilize Patti's house rather than Sunny Sands.  This is because most of the time the group does not stay into the evening and we tend to have more of our group for short periods rather than all at once.

We will also be going on a bus trip late in September.  It is nice to not have to find a place to park at The Beaches.  We could forgo the beach trip and go to Cedar Creek for nudestock, would take a vote and use that information to change our venue to what ever the majority rules.

One of our projects will take place in October.  Have you ever wanted to see what Fantasy Fest is like?  Have you ever wanted to go on a cruise?  How about doing both at the same time?  We have 3 rooms booked on Majesty of the Seas and will be in Key West for 8 Hours during fantasy fest.  Would love to bring along someone artistic to do the painting etc. to make us look good while we walk down the street.  Of course we may just pay for a painter after we enjoy Dante's or Garden of Eden.

Join us for our Naturally Fun TImes.


Trying to write attempt 2

Posted by crossedoakshaven on July 11, 2015 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I started to write this note earlier and computer keyboard slipped up and it disappeared somewhere.

Time today to take a walk back down memory lane to let you know what we have been up to.  We have been staying busy despite a few stressors added into the mix.

In May we took a bus trip with other clubs to Playalinda.  It was nice to be able to have others do the driving.  Though we may have spent a good amount of time at the beach it seemed much shorter without all the stress of parking.  I am sure it will be available again in the future for about $30 per person.

After the beach trip we returned to Sunny Sands for some fun Karaoke with all the people that stayed after running in the 5 K.  It is great to enjoy the entertainment of the resorts.

June took us to Suwanee Valley for the summer meeting of FLAANR.  The business of getting new officers and new board members was very short.  There was a lot fo talk about the beach initiatives and also about the CAN WE project that we have been organizing.

We returned to Sunny Sands for a very fun Fish Fry.  It has only been a few weeks and today brought us back to Sunny Sands to join in the world record skinny dip.  We think there was about 37 people in the pool.  It was great to get out to relax some.

Most of the time our activities are taking a group to events.  We also create a few events such as our Nude bowling .  (September 5th will be the next one.)  This year we are attempting a bigger event with our CAN WE project.

We hope to continue doing all these things and many more.


Posted by crossedoakshaven on May 17, 2015 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I promise to get back to the site soon and let you guys know what we have been up to and all the future plans.  I did make some updates to the calendar so check them out.  Some of the events Patti won't be able to make it to because of the change in schedules.  

We will be having lots of fun.

The business of running an event

Posted by crossedoakshaven on April 5, 2015 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)

My mind has been so busy with trying to get things going for an event in August and having fun at the events we already have planned for the current time and near future.  I have an opportunity or two to travel a long distance (Victoria, BC and Portland, Oregon) and I am trying to figure out if it is something that can be done.  

I wish that I could not work and be able to go to everything that I hear about. Would love to have all my friends be able to do the same. Who would want to take a trip to the West? How far apart are Victoria, BC and Portland, Oregon? Can you drive from 1 to the other in a rental car? Can I get the time off work?

As a group we represented ourselves and the CAN WE event at a booth for the NAPL event just a few weeks ago.  We are generating interest in things and getting lots of brainstorming done.  There was a meeting between the AANR staff, Cypress Cove staff and Crossed Oaks Haven staff to explore Huckleberry Island and the Cove for the event.  We are almost at a point of starting to register people and work out the full details.

We are going to need lots of people to help out at the event.  We may also need people with trucks etc to help us to get things to the park.  

I have been seeing several items of interest to us but I have not yet placed things on the calendar.  There is a Nude Swim in Westerville Ohio May 2, there is also a picnic at Casperson Beach on May 19th.  I still have things on the calendar like Edun Lake potluck that I am not sure is still happening.  My schedule changed at work and do not have as many weekends available so may need others to help me report on activities that are attended by our little group.

This next weekend should be an excellent and fun bash for us to attend.  We will be older than most of the attendees but  we are planning to have fun along with them.  

We are continuing to plan for lots of Naturally Fun Times.

Naturally Fun Times 15

Posted by crossedoakshaven on March 2, 2015 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Recent Happenings


Wow there has been so much going on for a few of us. I had to look back at our past newsletter to know where we left off and apparently we were in December. I am thinking that despite the size of our membership we have not been getting big groups at our get togethers. The things we have been doing have been so much fun the rest of you need to come out and join us. Our bowling in January was a great deal of fun and we even had people from age range of 2 to over 80. The next time we know of opportunity to join in bowling is April 9th near Sunny Sands and April 24th near Cypress Cove. Our next bowling is on a Saturday afternoon in September so hope everyone will join us.


The big news for February was a lovely, fun, entertaining, unique vacation. Joe has already posted on his Facebook account a blog of his thoughts about the Nude cruise. The vacation started at one of our favorite resorts Cypress Cove. The days we were there before the cruise introduced us to many nice people that we hope to maintain friendships with. The Cove brought 4 busloads of folks to and from the ship which is more than we took in 2011. After the cruise we also spent another 24 hours at the Cove for Parrothead Lite. It was wonderful to have some time to ease back into life.


How to describe this Nude Cruise? The word I keep using is wonderful. Was it perfect, no. Was it fun, yes. What is different about a nude cruise? One thing is that there is towels everywhere. No one wants to sit on other people's stuff so the towels are near anywhere someone might want to sit down. On a textile cruise you have to sign out towels by the pool. The only towel you had to worry about being charged for was the beach towel placed in your room. The negative I saw on this particular cruise had to deal with the buffet where many people ate most meals. (You have to dress for the dining room but not for the buffet.) The things that were negative included it having the same basic foods every day, closing early and them not letting us serve ourselves. It seemed like they would let us serve ourselves when we were in port and had to be dressed. I am curious to find out from Eleanor and Alec how the cruise following was different since they stayed on the ship.


The views of the trip are different for every person that takes it. The biggest reason for this is the variety of experiences you can partake of while traveling. I stayed up late most nights dancing and also participated in the photo classes. Joe spent many hours in the Thaloosatherapy pool. I visited it a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it's warm water to relax the body. When we went to shore there was so many different things you could do as well. Coco Cay we participated in the tree spirit project, ask us about what that was like. St. Bart's is a bit more expensive but we did make some bargains. Some of our friends traveled off on their own to nude beaches. In Guadelupe we got a bargain 3 hour tour by van but I would advise getting Euro's for at least this Island. Looking at some of our friends photos on Facebook the opportunities for getting out in nature were immense. We saw a nice little waterfall with hundreds of other travelers. Others from the trip hiked and had private waterfalls. The only thing we had specificly planned for this trip was to visit Club Orient and we definitely experienced it. It had it's ups and downs but with a little bit of help from the bar and a friend we had a wonderful adventure. The water was warm and fun but you have to ask Patti her fish story. We owe Jack a BIG thank you for the entertainment and the ride.


The remainder of the cruise was spent enjoying all the old and new friendships. This part of the trip was a bit rockier and coming from the warm Caribbean to a cooler Florida was tough. I know for me I really did not like saying so long and having the trip end.

Too Late for a long blog

Posted by crossedoakshaven on January 19, 2015 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Just a short note to let everyone know they are awesome and thank everyone that came bowling with us.  We were welcomed back to Cypress Cove as if we had not been away for 3 months.

I have updated some events on our calendar so look forward to seeing everyone out and about.  We will be at Sunny Sands this weekend.


Happy Nude Year

Posted by crossedoakshaven on January 1, 2015 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Today is January 1st 2015 and despite my normal schedule I am getting to spend the day as Nude as comfortable.  It has been a good day of catching up on cleaning out emails and filling in our club calendar.  Much thought about all the events we want to do in 2015 and promotion of the normalcy of nudism/naturist activities.

I have been filling in the website calendar and hope that all the people reached through our articles in The Bulletin will be able to find some fun things to do.  We have 2 articles in January's edition discussing CAN WE and Nude bowling.

Now due to all the newsletters and information I have seen today my thoughts are different than they were.  First there are so many events already being hosted by resorts that I am just thinking of figuring out how to run a booth for CAN WE.  Thinking that maybe we will just sponsor the band for the Spring Bash on April 11?  Maybe run a booth at the Spring into Nude Festival March 21.  Help advertise for all the events like the 5 k in June?  

January is the start of our Naturally Fun times and hope to see everyone this Saturday and possibly we can fluff out the rest of the year.


Not enough Nude

Posted by crossedoakshaven on November 25, 2014 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

October and November have not been enough nude time.  The weather has been cooler or wetter or we have been traveling to non Nude locations.  We did spend some time with our nudist friends and we have been doing a lot of talking about the CAN WE event.

We did get to spend part of a weekend at Sunny Sands for Halloween.  It was a great deal of fun even though the weather kept us in costume.  

Our weekend at Lake Como was a great deal of fun with all the music and ceremonies to celebrate our veterans.

Soon we will have to build our calendar for 2015.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and we see you at our Cookie party.


Way past due for an update

Posted by crossedoakshaven on October 12, 2014 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Friends and Members,

I know that time has slipped away from me with updating and maintaining our website.  The Facebook page and email has not been nearly as neglected since I check on them every day normally.  It has taken me hours today to clear out some of the information gathered into our boxes even if some of it just got filed into folders for saving.

How about I go in reverse order of things that have been happening and the future.  First of all yesterday was one of our most successful and friendly pot luck meetings at what we call COH Central.  There was a record breaking 21 members and friends attending our Octoberfest pot luck.  With coordination and luck we had a ton of food with no duplications.  Many of us are on some carbohydrate or sugar limiting type diets and so we had a good balance of protein and veggies.  There was still a lot of sugar there to keep us all sweet and overeating.

The pool is getting really quite cool and did not get a lot of use.  It might not be long before we need to cover it up and turn down the use of the filtering.  Some solar heating might help.  The hot tub did get a little bit of use and was definitely the right temperature for relaxation.  I very easily could have slept there I think.

Let's see if on December 6th we can break the record again.  This will be our 5th? cookie meeting.  Last year we took some things to the salvation army for the soup kitchen and I think we should do it again.  This is plenty of warning time so every one should plan to attend.  We start around noon with food served about 2 and people can come and go through out the day until about 10 pm.  

Between now and the cookie party we have a cruise planned and a trip to Lake Como for patriots weekend.  Many members will probably also be attending Nude-a-palooza and the AANR golf tournament.  Halloween will probably find us at Sunny Sands.

Back to the past.  I have never even reported on our Anniversary party or our bowling event.  The club has been so very busy out doing things that I have not taken the hours it takes to put my brain to the typing.  Three years as an official club was celebrated at Sunny Sands on September 13, 2014.  The resort was the best part of our celebration that day.  They welcomed us with a discount and they provided us with the most guests at our party.  As large as our group has become we had only about 10 members show up.  The luncheon pot luck style was well attended though and we bought 44 hamburgers so it was wonderfully fun.  

Now the nude bowling was another great event.  We were honored to have Bill Shroer, the executive director of AANR, to enjoy an evening of fun.  There was a major buzz on FB about our event and I learned once again you have to be careful with the media.  Generally we don't cross into the world of the public in a negative way but it does occasionally bite us.  I think that our affiliation with several different venues is what brought us our success and in December will start promoting the next one.  January 16th will find us again at the alley with the same price and time slot.  I still need to write up an article for the Bulletin to announce how much fun it was.

So I think we are continuing to have Naturally Fun Times.  



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